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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mika Nakashima: Love Addict

I absolutely love this song. It's from a Japanese pop singer named Mika Nakashima--her music runs the stylistic gamut, from dance/club hits to retro 70's-tinged ballads. My personal favorite, though, is the song 'Love Addict.' It's a great jazz number with a rocking hemiola section at 2:21 (that's music-speak for when you have a three-against-two rhythm).

The instrumental at the end is great--trumpet and tenor sax twisting and turning in octaves, with high violins soaring above. Matter of fact, I absolutely love this chart on the whole; great counterpoint, great string writing...whoever did this is brilliant.

(Jazz purists might say that they've heard better charts....and I wouldn't necessarily disagree. I'll be blogging about a genius-friend of mine, Billy Childs, later on...)

I still say, though, that in the context of a bubble-gum J-Pop singer doing a crossover, this track absolutely sizzles.

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Blogger Girl Of All Work said...


I finally got around to reading your blog. See, I'm such a HUGE fan (you're practically a legend in my book) but have been pretty lazy about checking out your personal blog. :) Anyway, that being said, I can't believe you like Mika Nakashima, too! I have some of her songs, one of which is shuffling on my itunes. I can't tell you the title because it's in Japanese...

November 1, 2007 at 9:51 PM


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