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Friday, September 21, 2007

Warding Off A Cold (or maybe Tuberculosis...)

My younger cousin came to visit me for a week, but her timing couldn't be worse. I'm up against a deadline to deliver a score to an Icon Productions documentary entitled Another Day In Paradise (directed by three-time Oscar nominee Deborah Dickson and produced by, among others, Mel Gibson).

My cousin's been doing NGO work in Cambodia for the last eight months, and she brought me a little souvenir from her travels--a sore throat, cough, and general state of misery that seems like a common cold, but has the slim possibility of being something worse. In her travels and work in Cambodia, she was exposed to a fair bit of active there's the outside chance that what she has might be TB! In which case I might be the first film composer this century who was unable to complete a film because he contracted something as ludicrous as tuberculosis.



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