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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Video Games Live, Nokia Theatre LA Live

Last night was another Video Games Live show--this time at the brand new 7000+ seat arena in downtown LA, the Nokia Theatre. My Civilization IV music was performed once more, and I was finally able to attend again. (Many recent and near future performances are in faraway cities: Rio De Janeiro, Buffalo, Sao Paulo, and London....and I REALLY wish I could attend the London concert, as it's being played at the Royal Festival Hall with members of the Philharmonia orchestra.)

After the concert we did our usual bit of signing autographs for several hours. In this picture I'm sitting between Will Littlejohn (Guitar Hero) and Steven Harwood (Brothers In Arms). I always really enjoy these Meet-And-Greets--it's nice to talk to young music fans, and often their parents as well. (Rather amusingly, my music seems to be quite popular among the mothers that get dragged to these concerts by their kids.)

(Oh, and seeing this picture makes me realize that it's time for a haircut.)



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