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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Needs More Epic

A rather funny blog review of Calling All Dawns has popped up, from a blogger in Norway, Steinar Kristofferson.

Want More Good Music? Calling All Dawns

Some of my favorite lines:

With two previous versions of Baba Yetu to consider, each with their devotees, Christopher Tin did the sensible thing: he cheated. For the new version, he combined percussion elements from both previous incarnations while also adding something new, bypassing all those laws of propriety that say the track shouldn't be able to appeal to both camps, and then he goes one further and ACTUALLY IMPROVES THE FUCKING THING. I don't know what kind of person can listen to fucking Baba Yetu and think to himself, 'You know what this needs? More epic.'

So, buy it. Support the talented independent artist. It's an incentive for Christopher to make more music in the future of the sort that would make the manchild of Jesus Christ and Chuck Norris weep tears of joy.

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Huh. I'm on Chris' blog.

Hi mom!

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