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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Download Links Sent For Pre-Sales

Hi everyone,

All download links have been sent to all who pre-purchased the album... but we're getting random emails, blog comments, and so forth saying that people haven't gotten the links yet! I'm truly sorry about this... it's been a rather large organizational task, keeping track of all this stuff.

If you pre-ordered and haven't received your download link, send an email to and we'll try to figure it out. Thanks for the patience!



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The use of download links for pre-sales is crucial for customer satisfaction, as it simplifies the process and allows immediate access to the product or content. Ensuring the links are secure and reliable is essential to protect customer data and prevent unauthorized access. Clear instructions or guidance can further enhance the customer experience, minimizing confusion or technical difficulties. Overall, the use of download links is essential for a seamless and efficient pre-sales experience.

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