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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heart-warmed By My Fans

There was a post recently on Someone mentioned something about Civilization IV's music, and then all these people started chiming in about the new album. I had a nice boost in sales that evening. All in all, a happy moment for me.

But what I really found heartwarming was the fact that there was a genuine, concerted effort on the behalf of all those people to help support my music by buying my album, and encouraging others to buy it as well. There was actually one person who posted an illegal filesharing download link of my album--and when I saw that, I have to admit, my heart broke a little bit. But then his post was quickly deleted, and he was shouted down by several other posters who came in and suggested that people support my music.

I was touched. (Thanks Kardionoc, RedSnt, APeacefulWarrior and petawb.)

Many music fans don't realize this, but a lot of artists are severely emotionally attached to the work they do--myself included. And when people just post an album that you spent four years of your life perfecting onto some pirate site, it just kills us.

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